Fast Loading: a single extension to remove numerous ADS

You don't have to frequently visit torrent websites or other content distribution platforms to risk having your computer infected with Trojans and other viruses. Sometimes even the webpages that look very respectable and safe harbor potentially harmful programs that can exploit your device in many different ways.

About Fast Loading

Fortunately, you don't have to restrict your Web browsing to checking your email and reading the news if you want to keep your computer as safe as possible. Instead, you can install "Fast Loading" and let it take care of the “bad guys” for you. "Fast Loading" protects your personal information from prying online trackers, prevents malware from infecting your device through the browser, and even removes the majority of online ads from the webpages you view!

Dramatic Improvements Right Off the Bat!

With "Fast Loading", you'll instantly notice a dramatic improvement in the quality of your Web browsing experience. "Fast Loading" blocks pop-ups, redirects, video ads, and all kinds of banners so that you can focus your attention on the content that you actually want to see. As a bonus, "Fast Loading" also reduces loading times for the webpages you open, allowing you to accomplish more in less time!

"Fast Loading" serves as a protective barrier between your device and the vast sea of harmful scripts and files that await you online. If you use "Fast Loading", everything you do online will be protected so that third-party trackers cannot access your personal information. "Fast Loading" doesn't collect your data either, which means that you can keep your Web browsing sessions as safe and anonymous as it gets with just a single extension. You can find out more information on the additional pages of our website.

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